3 Ways You’re Unintentionally Sending Your Top Talent Packing

sending your top talent packing
The benefits of keeping your top talent happy are innumerable. They know their jobs well, work efficiently, and are generally invested in the success of the company. Moreover, replacing them is incredibly difficult and costly. We know that it makes sense to try to keep our best employees happy, but we sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day that we unintentionally send them the message they should move on. Here are three examples of things that do just this, and odds are, you
re guilty of at least one.

1) Inconsistency

Inconsistency is arguably the easiest mistake to make because we dont usually realize were doing it. For example, we might change goals in the middle of a project in order to meet a new goal or because weve learned our plan and timeline arent going to work. It makes sense to be adaptable, but if it happens too often, employees dont know what they can rely on, and therefore, wont commit themselves. Other examples include treating employees differently or not enforcing a policy for all employees.

2) Failing to Recognize Their Status

An employees status is about more than tenure or title. Its about recognizing someone for everything he or she brings to the table. Imagine a music teacher who has a 4-year degree and 20 years of teaching experience. She has seen many changes over the years, but the saddest, to her, is the degradation of respect for what she does. Schools have moved away from teaching the arts, referring to them now only as specials, classroom teachers no longer send them to music, but are sometimes grateful for the one-hour block of specials time they get in order to do their prep work, and to top it off, the person in charge of budgets questions her every time she asks for supplies because they dont support core classes. Over the course of her career, she has gone from teaching a valuable curriculum and inspiring students, to being someone who just watches kids while their teachers do other things. Nobody has ever told her shes not valuable, but the policies and behaviors of the school tell her what shes doing is not worthwhile, and so she leaves teaching altogether.  Guaranteed, if you arent making an intentional effort to show your employees that they matter and that the work they do is important, this is what youre doing to them, and they will leave.

3) If you fail to provide “Accountability and Recognition” you could be sending your top talent packing

Employees, especially those driven to succeed, need to know what they should be mastering next. If your top employees dont have goals and a roadmap of projects and professional development set, theyll lose interest in the job altogether. Holding them accountable for reaching their goals, paired with providing them with the tools and support they need to reach them, is imperative. Equally, accolades when they reach a goal or do something great inspires them to keep striving for more.

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