4 Plans You Need to Make for After the HR Technology Conference

hr technology conference
We’ve been talking a lot about the 2017 HR Technology Conference and Expo that’s happening this October in Las Vegas. See our prior blogs on highlights of the event and how to make the most of it. One area many people overlook, however, is that what happens after the conference matters too. Contrary to the slogan, what happens in Vegas shout not stay in Vegas! At the HR Technology Conference you’ll learn all kinds of new tips and tricks and there will be things you want to follow up with once you’re back home. Before you head out to the event, keep these four things in mind, so you can follow up with things after.

1) Bring Business Cards and/or Resume
We all have different reasons for attending conventions. Maybe you’d like to get into a position with a leading company or are looking for top talent for your own organization. Perhaps you want to form partnerships, take classes later, make friends, or obtain services from one of the providers who will be on hand. Consider what your goals are in advance and make sure you have something you can give people you meet that will leave them with a lasting impression. Business cards are the tried-and-true option, but you may want to bring along a resume if you think there’s a chance you’ll speak with someone who can help you advance your career.

2) Network at the HR Technology Conference
There are two kinds of HR professionals; those who are total social butterflies and those who try to be inconspicuous wallflowers. This is not the time to be a wallflower. Talk to as many people as you can who work in different aspects of HR support. Even if you have a group you’ll be attending with, be sure to break away and meet new people as well.

3) Make Future Plan
The connections you make will fade quickly, especially with all the other information you’ll be absorbing. When you speak with others whom you’d like to follow up with later, make plans to talk to them again later and be very specific. Tell them when you plan to call or send an email. A general rule of thumb is to make contact with anyone of importance within two business days of your return home, so that your meeting is still fresh in your minds.

4) Take Notes
Many people are totally digital today and rely on things like Evernote or their iPhone Notes App. That’s perfectly ok if that’s what you use and are most comfortable with. The bottom line is that you should take as many notes as possible at the HR Technology Conference, using whatever medium suits you. Jot notes about the people you talk to, products and services that interested you, and philosophies you’d like to incorporate or learn more about.

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