7 Traits of a Perfectly Penned Job Description

perfectly penned job description
Writing a perfectly penned job description is a bit like shining the
Bat Signal into the sky. If you do it well, your hero of a future employee may come swooping in from afar. If you do it poorly, youre sure to wind up with the Joker. Getting the right employees on your team always starts with attracting the right kind of talent for interviews, and that always begins with a job description with the traits outlined here.

1) It has a clear and refined list of your needs.

Managers want employees with diverse skill sets, including a range of hard and soft skills. While wed all love to have a unicorn who possesses dozens of traits, chances are, were not going to find someone who can genuinely check off every box on our wish lists. Work with managers to define which skills are absolute musts and, if youre including any wish-list items, keep them to a minimum. They can discourage qualified people from responding.

2) It takes the existing team into account.

Every time a job description gets posted, it should be given the once-over to verify the skills listed complement the existing team. If the team as a whole lacks a skill, it should be weighed more heavily than something others on the team already bring to the table.

3) The benefits you’re offering are listed.

If you want the best talent, make sure youre including a brief overview of what your company is offering. Non-monetary benefits, such as flexible schedules and occasional telecommuting are attractive in todays market, and mentioning them will increase the number of applicants you get.

4) Company culture is highlighted.

Discussing what attitude your company conveys and how employees interact sets the tone for expectations upon employment.

5) It’s short, sweet, and simple.

Resist temptation to add lots of details about the company history and exact tasks the person will be responsible for. They can check your companys website for details if they want to get to know you. If youre posting online, break up the content with headings and bullets, so people can scan it for information easily.

6) In a perfectly penned job description the right kind of language should be used.

Potential candidates will be running searches based on their skills, industry, and titles they are interested in. If you arent familiar with the technical language people in the position use, work with the manager to come up with a list. If your position has a unique name at your company, be sure to include the common name as well as other titles people might use to describe it, so your job gets better visibility.

7) It has a unique title and content.

The heading of your perfectly penned job description doesn’t need to resemble click-bait ads, but it should be catchy enough to draw the right candidate in. While youre writing, take time to create something thats memorable or will leave a lasting impression on applicants as well.

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