How to Choose a Company That’s Embracing Diversity: What Job Seekers Should Look For

When searching for a job, a company that recognizes the benefits of diversity and inclusion should be on the top of your list. Look for a place where diversity is encouraged and a person’s values are respected. A place where older workers understand the needs of their younger counterparts, and managers give people of all ages the flexibilities of personal life.

An obvious sign of diversity is a company that has a diverse workplace. Many organizations talk about inclusion and boast about diverse celebrations, however when you look closely its people they are not diverse at all.

Another sign that a company has a diverse workplace is whether they have grievance procedures in place. How do they deal with religious harassment or people with concerns about worship? Do they allow for religious observances? Are racial minorities able to speak comfortably to managers about fairness, inclusion and diversity?

And finally, look for programs that help employees balance their work life with their personal life. Do they offer programs such as on-site daycare services, fitness centers, flexible working hours; and other amenities which would make it easier for you to deal with personal needs alongside your workplace obligations.

Organizations that are less-diverse may provide you with an income, however when a workplace is divided, it often manifests into a lack of respect, lower productivity and people who don’t do their fair share of the workload.

Do your homework. Check corporate websites, look at the programs and resource groups that are available, check a company’s mission statement to see what they stand for, review past employee feedback, and ask key questions about diversity and inclusion during your job interview.

Good Luck with your job hunt. If you are looking for a job and need assistance with your resume, the interview process, or finding jobs, call us, we’d be happy to help.

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