The Importance of Training, Development and Recertification

There’s no doubt that training and development programs help employees shape the direction of their careers.  Yet for a several reasons, many companies fail to create programs to help employees upgrade or acquire new skills. Sometimes it’s due to bureaucracy, other times training and development is an afterthought. Either way, if you are not giving employees an opportunity to better themselves, your talent may eventually leave for greener pastures.

5 Reasons to Provide Training and Development Programs to Your Employees:

  1. Training Supports Succession Planning
    By providing ongoing training, your employees are able to develop the necessary leadership and decision making skills needed for more senior roles. Training builds a strong and capable group of employees that will support your succession planning. With a higher calibre of cross-trained talent, you will be able to add a layer of protection to your organization, so you are less vulnerable should employees choose to leave.
  2. Development Increases Employee Value
    By allowing employees to develop new skill sets, you’ll help them transition more quickly and easily into other roles within your organization. Training employees in new or related work areas will increase employee value and usability.  Creating a program that cross trains and up-skills your employees provides you with a solid back up system that will make it far easier to fill vacant positions from an internal pool of talent.
  3. Training Boosts Employee Efficiency
    Training programs have shown to boost employee efficiency and productivity. When properly trained, daily task can be completed more quickly and corporate goals and outcomes are more easily achieved.
  4. Development Decreases Employee Attrition
    By investing in your employees through training and development, you can create career pathways and advanced opportunities that will boost employee retention. Ensuring you have next-level opportunities for your employees creates less churn, and as a result has shown to lower your recruitment costs.
  5. Development Strengthens Your Brand
    Training your employees in industry-standard best practices goes a long way to building a strong reputation and brand.  Well trained employees can set your business apart from your competitors and become a determining factor in choosing partnerships and suppliers.

There are several reasons to create training and development programs to boost the skills of your employees. Ongoing training will allow you to strengthen skills sets, while ongoing development programs can take those skills to an advanced level.

As an HR leader, professional development activities should be an ongoing focus as well.  Recertification can demonstrate your commitment to competence and provide you with new and innovative ways to do all aspects of human resources as well as training and development.

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