Last Thursday, The HR SOURCE was at the fall recruitDC event at Bethesda North Marriott. This was the first year recruitDC was a full day for the Fall conference and with a lot of content, no wonder it expanded.

The theme in this recruitDC conference was share and support. In the opening keynote, Lars Schmidt, Founder of Amplify Talent and Co-Founder of HR Open Source (HROS), mention that in most presentations and in articles, companies tell what they’re doing, but never how and what mistakes they made, hence created HROS. Lars mention use a variety of sources to find the right fit for your company, not “best practices.”

Another part of sharing and support is your onboarding process. Anna Halbrooks, Recruiting Manager for Symplicity, mention that after hiring the employee, onboarding becomes a crucial role. No matter how great your hire is, if they don’t buy-in to your company, then you lost the new employee. It’s important that your department and leaders share your experiences to your new hires to know what they expect when they come in the building their first day.

To share those great experiences, you have to leverage video, which shows there’s 34% more engagement if the job description has video, according to Lauryn Sargent of Stories Inc.

Then, there was the first Sourcing Lab where people are asking questions on finding quality candidates with the new tools coming out in the speed of light.

Finally, we have William Tincup discussing the best HR vendors and tells us to ask a lot of questions of how their product would integrate best and if they say they have the roadmap, they’re lying.

Since it is the holiday season, the sharing theme is a great topic for recruiters to take back before the holiday break and having a fresh start for the new year. At The HR SOURCE, we will do the same.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE.

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