Last week, we went to recruitDC to learn more tricks and trends of recruiting and talent acquisition. This was a sold out event with more attendees than ever before. For people who are wondering if recruiting is dead … no it’s not!

Here are some key takeaways from the recuitDC event:

What is Recruiting?

You would think that “recruiting” would be easily defined, but there is dissention among professionals on what recruiting is. The morning keynote, Perri Chase, says recruiting is NOT sales & marketing, but a partnership that involves both sides (employer and candidate). Successful recruitment happens when both parties say yes to the role and details of the position. Of course, some disagree with that perspective:

Personally, I’m on Perri’s side that recruiting is about deal control and relationship building. I would say though recruiters must act like agents or mediators of the hiring process. Recruiters do have all the information and must share it for both sides to get a good idea what both sides are dealing with.

Candidate Experience

recruitDC has been in the forefront on improving candidate experience for employers. Companies are realizing candidates are more advanced in their decision-making because of technology and employers have not caught up to that yet. What is the solution to improve candidate experience? It’s not more technology; it’s more details. If you want to get candidates, it’s a two-way street. On the employer side, you must give them a real expectation of what the job entails and what would the person do in the next few months, a year, three years, etc. In addition, put your contact information on the job description so the candidates can contact you if they’re interested or have questions about the position. On the candidate side, they will do the research on the employer and the employees working there and it’s up to both sides to come to an agreement.

AI won’t take over HR…for now

It is a concern that automation has taken over certain jobs and, in the process, eliminating employees. In HR/Recruiting, that is not the case, according to this graph (graph provided by Matt Charney):

It’s safe to say HR/Recruiting will still exist and it’s one of the most high-paying jobs out there.


We always think of diversity that deals with race, class, religion, thoughts, and others. What we don’t think about is our social connections. You would think institutions, with high regard, would have an advantage because of it’s size. Not the case (graph provided by Matt Charney):

Institutions like Stanford and Harvard have a lower number of social connections than in Montana State or a SEC school because the higher institutions have close to a singular focus, while the others have other activities for people to join or recommend their students go to different types of classes. It’s about finding internal influencers of each group you’re part of, who might work out for your company.

I’ve been to all of the recruitDC conferences and each one is getting better and if you live in the DC Metro area, recruitDC should be in the top 5 conferences to attend. The next recruitDC Conference is on December 7 and tickets are on sale now.  We are also hosting an Happy Hour event with The Howard County Human Resource Society on June 13 at Union Jack’s in Columbia, MD. Come on by to network with us, and to learn more about our HR services, contact us for help today.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE.

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