Diversity and Inclusion – SHRM Takeaways

SHRM Diversity Conference

The SHRM Diversity Conference & Exposition was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth. It was a pleasure talking about diversity and inclusion with you at the SHRM Diversity Conference. Our team left the conference inspired by the energy and passion displayed by so many attendees for the work of creating and sustaining diverse organizations.

Keep in mind that your efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workplace will need ongoing reinforcement. Diversity and Inclusion is a huge undertaking. Your efforts need to go beyond embracing a few strategies. In many cases it means changing the way your entire organization thinks and works. Also, it will require new tools – like many of those on display in the exhibit hall at the conference.

Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond managers and employees.  The SHRM Diversity Conference taught us that at every opportunity you will need to remind people of your organization’s goals, expectations and programs, and encourage all people to “walk the walk”.

7 Diversity & Inclusion Steps We Recommend Every Organization Take:

  1. Create a D&I statement that everyone will agree upon.
  2. Make sure all executives are clear on what D&I means to your organization and their role moving D&I forward.
  3. Create a D&I strategy that aligns with specific business goals, as well as employee benefits.
  4. Commit to D&I publicly and hold executives and leaders accountable as advocates.
  5. Create a culture on inclusion using broad strategies and focused tactics.
  6. Talk about your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives when recruiting.
  7. Lead by example and encourage others to do the same.

Dr. Anne Phibbs, founder of Strategic Diversity Initiatives states: We’re talking about changing hearts and minds and really deeply held beliefs that have impacted us.”

SHRM Diversity Conference Reminds Us To Make Diversity a Core Part of Your Leadership Mandate

Remember that Diversity without inclusion will only give you equal representation. Equal representation must also be followed by equal inclusion. Inclusion encourages all people to engage deeply with problems and to listen to the concerns and ideas of others.  It means getting people to express, not suppress their unique cultures and viewpoints.

Here are a few inclusion tips:

  • Make sure key stakeholders from all groups are included in the decision-making process.
  • Provide a safe environment for new share to be shared. 
  • Give team members the ability to make decisions.
  • Have everyone share in your success.
  • Encouraging feedback from all team members.
  • Follow ideas with actionable feedback.

When initiating diversity programs, it’s best to start from the top. When your leaders are diverse, your business will become more comfortable with diversity, and the rest of your organization will soon follow.

If you have any questions after the SHRM Diversity Conference we’re here to help!  Call and speak to our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Bill Shackelford,  Bill welcomes the opportunity to share his thoughts about how you can build high performing organizations through diversity efforts.


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