2017 HR Trends: 4 Things HR Professionals Learned the Hard Way

2017 HR Trends
This 2017 HR trends review covers four of the most important takeaways from the year for HR professionals. With 2017 coming to a close, it provides an excellent opportunity for us all to reflect on a few things that unraveled this year, why they happened, and what we can take away from it.

Lack of Reports Doesn’t Mean Sexual Harassment isn’t Happening

On February 19, 2017, Susan Fowler wrote a blog that blew that blew the whistle on her former employer, Uber. In this email, she detailed specific instances of sexual harassment she experienced on the job and how the HR department at Uber failed to take action to right the issue. Click here to read more.

recruitDC Fall 2017 Review

Last Thursday, The HR SOURCE was at the fall recruitDC event at Bethesda North Marriott. This was the first year recruitDC was a full day for the Fall conference and with a lot of content, no wonder it expanded.

The theme in this recruitDC conference was share and support. In the opening keynote, Lars Schmidt, Founder of Amplify Talent and Co-Founder of HR Open Source (HROS), mention that in most presentations and in articles, companies tell what they’re doing, but never how and what mistakes they made, hence created HROS. Lars mention use a variety of sources to find the right fit for your company, not “best practices.”

Another part of sharing and support is your onboarding process. Click here to read more.

Sexual Harassment Tips For HR Pros

sexual harassment tips
Sexual harassment tips for the HR Pro starts with the definition of Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment occurs when an employee makes sexual comments or advances that are not welcomed by another employee. This can include requests for sexual favors, continued sexual propositions, as well as other verbal or physical actions that are sexual in nature and done against another employee’s wishes.

As a rule of thumb, any acts of sexual harassment that negatively affects an employee’s performance, advancement, comfort and safety at work must be taken seriously.  This can include repeated requests for dates, offensive jokes or gestures, offensive images or words that others will see on clothing or in the form of posters or graphics, unwanted touching or bodily contact, blocking or restricting an employee’s movement, unwelcome flirting or sexual comments, and even playing sexually suggestive music. Click here to read more.

Sexual Harassment –  A Breakdown of Responsibilities

Sexual Harassment Responsibilities in HR
When it comes to sexual harassment responsibilities in the workplace, many individuals must ensure that sexual harassment complaints or allegations are taken seriously and investigated properly.

It’s the responsibility of a human resource manager to oversee department functions, as well as manage employees.  Their responsibility umbrella entails policies and procedures surrounding recruitment and talent selection, training and development, compensation and benefits and employee relations.

A workplace without employee harmony creates mistrust, fighting and a lack of teamwork.  As an HR professional, you play a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between employees. Click here to read more.

How Should Human Resources Handle Sexual Harassment Complaints?

sexual harassment complaints
It’s hard pick up a newspaper or read Google news without hearing stories about sexual harassment complaints. It’s become a widespread topic that needs to be on the forefront of an HR management team’s mind.

Since the news broke of sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, approximately one in five Americans have said that they know a friend or close family member with similar allegations of abuse. Even women of Congress have come forward to speak out on this important issue and file sexual harassment complaints.  As a result, lawmakers are working quickly to come up with legislation. Click here to read more.

Diversity and Inclusion – SHRM Takeaways

SHRM Diversity Conference

The SHRM Diversity Conference & Exposition was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth. It was a pleasure talking about diversity and inclusion with you at the SHRM Diversity Conference. Our team left the conference inspired by the energy and passion displayed by so many attendees for the work of creating and sustaining diverse organizations.

Keep in mind that your efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workplace will need ongoing reinforcement. Diversity and Inclusion is a huge undertaking. Your efforts need to go beyond embracing a few strategies. Click here to read more.

The Special Connection Between Diversity and Inclusion

diversity & inclusion
There’s a special connection between diversity & inclusion. When dealing with D&I, it’s easy for most organizations to measure their workplace composition to determine if their diversity efforts are on track. You can easily compare the number of men to women, how many visible minorities and people with disabilities represented, and if the age of your employees spans through several generations.

Looking at the definition of diversity, it is defined as: “The condition of having or being composed of differing elements; variety; the inclusion of different types of people such as people of different races or culture.”  Which is why most people think of diversity as a fair representation of men and women, national origins, religious beliefs, education and sexual orientation. Click here to read more.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion a Wise Investment?

diversity and inclusion
When planning for Diversity and Inclusion, most HR professionals know that at the core of every successful organization there is a wide array of diverse and talented individuals. Yes, there is no doubt that great people can make an ordinary business, extraordinary.  Even in businesses where technology and automation have replaced most people, the old adage “when a company’s workplace culture thrives, so will its business.” is hard to ignore.  

To accomplish a thriving culture, many organizations turn to programs that foster diversity,  inclusion, trust and integrity. Yet diversity and inclusion objectives still remains a challenge for many organizations. Click here to read more.

The HR SOURCE Live – Jonathan Kestenbaum

Join us on October 5 at noon when we will be chatting with Jonathan Kestenbaum on HR Tech trends and the future of HR Tech.

Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs. He is a lawyer by education, and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Jonathan has embodied an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, having started and run two successful businesses before the age of twenty-one. Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. He currently spends his days managing TTL’s innovation lab and advising the recruitment technology companies of tomorrow. Click here to read more.

4 Plans You Need to Make for After the HR Technology Conference

hr technology conference
We’ve been talking a lot about the 2017 HR Technology Conference and Expo that’s happening this October in Las Vegas. See our prior blogs on highlights of the event and how to make the most of it. One area many people overlook, however, is that what happens after the conference matters too. Contrary to the slogan, what happens in Vegas shout not stay in Vegas! At the HR Technology Conference you’ll learn all kinds of new tips and tricks and there will be things you want to follow up with once you’re back home. Click here to read more.