HoCo HRS Happy Hour on June 13

The HR SOURCE YouTube Contest

The HR SOURCE has created a YouTube channel! This channel will be dedicated to broadcasting our monthly live chats on a variety of HR issues and other special events and is called “The HR SOURCE Live.”

Congratulations to Jennifer Stahl of winning the Amazon Echo. Thank you for subscribing to our channel and we would ask if you can pay it forward for others who are interested in the HR field to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

The HR SOURCE Live – SHRM17 Preview

Next week is the annual SHRM Conference in New Orleans and we are here to preview it with the people who know the ins and outs of the SHRM Conference: Ryan Namata.

For more information about the SHRM17 Conference, go to

The HR SOURCE Live – Suzie Grieco

Our next The HR SOURCE Live chat will be with Suzie Grieco, President of SG2 Recruiting. Suzie will be discussing the trends of recruiting and talent acquisition today.

About Suzie Grieco:

Suzie transitioned from a career in sales and marketing for a national media organization to become a top recruiter for a local technology staffing agency supporting commercial organizations in the financial and telecommunication industries as well as government agencies. After nearly five years of learning about and truly loving the recruiting discipline, which she considered to be the intersection of Marketing and Human Capital, she researched executive search and corporate recruiting firms to identify a new challenge. Click here to read more.

4 Simple Hacks to Help You Find the “Best” Candidates

While we all have a different idea of who the best candidate for our positions is, the path to locating him or her is remarkably similar across all industries. If your recruiting efforts have left you feeling like youre in search of a unicorn, make use of these tips to ease your search.

1) Clearly Define What You Want in Your Job Description

For some, this is a very tricky task. Theres often the temptation to overload a description with wants, rather than needs, or to leave it too vague, in the hopes that more people will respond. Click here to read more.

4 Powerful Ways to Use Networking to Boost Recruiting

As HR professionals, were always looking for the right candidates and keeping tabs on who might be a good fit for upcoming positions. This simple technique makes recruiting much easier, but there are lots more ways to use networking to help you stay ahead of the hiring game. Heres a quick look at four things you should be doing now.

1. Connect, Don’t Just Like

Were all on social media by now- so much that companies like Facebook have changed up algorithms and people only see a fraction of activity on their walls. Click here to read more.

Sourcing vs. Recruiting: Which is Right for Me?

Over the past year or so, there has been some heavy debate over how sourcing and recruiting are different (if indeed they are), and which specialists can perform which tasks. It has gotten to the point where even HR specialists are duking it out in social media over who does what. While each side has attempted to explain what the key differences are, nobody has done so in a straightforward manner that most can understand yet. Heres what you need to know before you hire.

What a Recruiter Does

Traditionally, the role of recruiter has been multifaceted. Click here to read more.

5 Essential Tools Your Diversity Plan Needs Today

Weve been talking a lot about workplace diversity lately and exploring why its important as well as how to create an inclusive environment. Its something were very passionate about and have seen the benefits of diverse environments time and time again. If you havent seen our previous blogs, be sure to check them out. This time around, were focusing on showing you a bit about how to create your own diversity toolkit, so your company gets the edge it needs. Click here to read more.

What HR Professionals Can Learn From Trump’s First 100 Days

April 29 marks President Trumps 100th day in office, and the media has not been shy to scrutinize his time, as well as his output. Moreover, just as we review our employees after a certain amount of time on the job, Trump is getting his first job review, too.

Only 35% of People Think Trump is Doing Good or Great

According to a recent poll, almost three-fourths of the population isnt thrilled with Trumps progress so far. A total of 45% of people think hes done a poor job, while about 19% say fair. Click here to read more.

If Your Team Doesn’t Have Thought Diversity; Here’s How to Fix It

In the business world, we want the best of the best on our teams. No matter what niche or industry you serve, the goal is always to find the brightest, most-educated, well-rounded individual you can who fits within your hiring budget. If youve read our prior blogs or have a strong background in HR, you may try to cultivate a diverse team as well. Perhaps you change up your hiring strategy or make sure youre pulling new employees from different demographic backgrounds whenever possible. This is what HR professionals do, like clockwork. Click here to read more.