How to Make the Most of the 2017 HR Technology Conference & Expo

2017 HR Technology Conference Expo(photo source: HR Technology Conference & Exposition;

Every HR professional should attend the 2017 HR Technology Conference Expo. Here’s a link to the details: 2017 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The annual event attracts thousands of people every year, making it the biggest HR tech expo in the world, so it is absolutely the place to be this October if youre an HR professional. With that said, youre also going to want to make the most of your time, whether this is your 1st trip out or your 20th. Click here to read more.

Top 4 Reasons You Belong at the 2017 HR Technology Conference

(photo source: HR Technology Conference & Exposition;

The 2017 HR Technology Conference and Exposition is rapidly approaching. The event has been running for two decades now with the aim of helping HR professionals drive strategy and achieve organizational success through advancing technology. This year, it runs October 10-13 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are lots of great reasons to attend, but four of the primary ones are highlighted below.

1) Nearly 400 Exhibitors Will Be Present

Technology is readily advancing. Not only is it difficult to know whats out there to begin with, but it can also be a real challenge to understand how different products and services work, as well as how each one compares and contrasts with the next. Click here to read more.

7 Traits of a Perfectly Penned Job Description

perfectly penned job description
Writing a perfectly penned job description is a bit like shining the
Bat Signal into the sky. If you do it well, your hero of a future employee may come swooping in from afar. If you do it poorly, youre sure to wind up with the Joker. Getting the right employees on your team always starts with attracting the right kind of talent for interviews, and that always begins with a job description with the traits outlined here.

1) It has a clear and refined list of your needs.

Click here to read more.

Join the Fight Against Homelessness and Poverty in D.C.

fight against homelessness and poverty in DC

According to DC Poverty Demographics, one in ten residents live in extreme poverty or well below the poverty line, with the hardest hit being black District residents, female-headed households and Hispanic residents.

At The HR Source, we believe every D.C. resident should have a safe place to call home.  Years ago, we created a mandate to aid DC’s underserved and  over the years we’ve partnered with numerous organizations to increase awareness and raise funds to fight homelessness and poverty. And, now we are asking your help.

On Thursday, September 21st between 5:30 and 8:30pm, we are holding an extraordinary event called Bite Night, with proceeds going to two phenomenal D.C. Click here to read more.

Are You Thinking of Ditching Your Performance Reviews?

Performance review trends are changing. Here’s why some firms are swapping a traditional annual review for continuous and/or peer-based performance evaluations.

Employee performance reviews are the time-honored method for evaluating employee performance and pay, but many companies are doing away with the concept as we know it. Are they brilliantly progressive or setting themselves up for disaster? Read on to find out whos doing it and why.

Traditional Performance Reviews Can Be Problematic

It started with big companies like IBM, Dell, and Microsoft making the switch. Now everyone from Deloitte to Gap is doing it. Click here to read more.

3 Ways You’re Unintentionally Sending Your Top Talent Packing

sending your top talent packing
The benefits of keeping your top talent happy are innumerable. They know their jobs well, work efficiently, and are generally invested in the success of the company. Moreover, replacing them is incredibly difficult and costly. We know that it makes sense to try to keep our best employees happy, but we sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day that we unintentionally send them the message they should move on. Here are three examples of things that do just this, and odds are, you
re guilty of at least one. Click here to read more.

How to Strengthen Your Employee Performance Review

employee performance review
Your employee performance review can be a very powerful tool when used effectively. They can help improve morale, correct deficiencies, and motivate employees. Unfortunately, many companies simply treat them as another task to get out of the way, and they never really reach their full potential. The good news is, this is easy to address, as long as you implement a few changes.

1) Give Employees Feedback All the Time

All too often, we wait to give our employees kudos for a job well done until reviews come around. Some managers also leave development and improvement-related feedback until review time in order to avoid difficult conversations. Click here to read more.

Creating Your Leave Benefits Package

leave benefits package
Your vacation and leave benefits package is an integral part of most employee benefit packages, but there
s a wide variance in the how its given, how much is given, and the methodology behind it all. With summer here, your employees are likely to begin cashing in on theirs (or at least taking time away), which makes this the perfect time to evaluate your current policies and make sure theyre up to par.

Vacation and Leave Benefits aren’t Mandatory, But You Should Offer Them

There is no federal law that requires employers to give employees vacation leave, according to the Department of Labor. Click here to read more.

4 Things Your Employees Need to Know About their 401(k)s

Being able to provide a 401(k) for your employees can bring a sense of pride to smaller businesses and is generally expected of larger enterprises. However, its often one of the most misunderstood employee benefits by HR professionals and employees alike. If your company offers a 401(k) retirement plan, its important to be familiar with the myths and misconceptions of them, so you can be certain theyre getting the most they can from the program.

1) The 401(k) Comes with Fees

Those who manage funds dont do so out of the kindness of their hearts, nor do they count their blessings they got to hold onto the money for a period of time. Click here to read more.

5 Employee Benefit Trends to Watch for in 2017 and Beyond

With more than half the year behind us, its easy to see some new trends emerging in the world of employee benefits. Take heed, as these are what your employees and potential new hires are growing to expect.

1) Flexibility

Partly spurred by the work / life balance millennials have made paramount in the workforce, and partly brought about by the high number of full-time working parents, flexibility is one of the largest expectations employees have today. One-in-four employees thinks employers should allow telecommuting, according to an AFLAC survey, and more than half expect a flexible schedule. Click here to read more.