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Creating Your Leave Benefits Package

Vacation and leave benefits are a part of most employee benefit packages, but there
s a wide variance in the how its given, how much is given, and the methodology behind it all. With summer here, your employees are likely to begin cashing in on theirs (or at least taking time away), which makes this the perfect time to evaluate your current policies and make sure theyre up to par.

Vacation and Leave Benefits aren’t Mandatory, But You Should Offer Them

There is no federal law that requires employers to give employees vacation leave, according to the Department of Labor. Click here to read more.

Boot Camp for New Managers, Supervisors & HR Professionals


Are Your Supervisors Confused?

Why not send them to BOOTCAMP, a full-day, interactive course focused on the unique challenges faced by first time managers and supervisors or new HR Professionals in their jobs as new or upcoming managers. We will provide basic introductions and solutions to help meet challenging issues and give real-world techniques needed to achieve management success in today’s business environments.

This course will feature a variety of case studies and group exercises around the following topics:

• Employment Law
• Diversity Awareness
• Conflict Management
• Performance Management
• Interviewing and Hiring
• Termination

Wednesday – September 14, 2016
8:30 a.m.
Click here to read more.

SHRM16 Review

The SHRM Conference is over, but there is a lot of knowledge and swag to take back to the workplace after an epic week in D.C.

The Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers were inspirational and thoughtful. From Amy Cuddy and our presence to Sal Khan and using education not only to learn, but as a weapon against the dangers of this world. We also need to pay attention our labor force, as they do most of dirty work by building the product as Alan Mulally and Mike Rowe remind us.

Finally, if you like it or not, our government plays a huge role in our workplace and this being a Presidential election year, it was good to hear insights from Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson of the candidates’ views. Click here to read more.

SHRM16 Final Day Recap

This is the last day of SHRM16 and before everyone goes, we have a few more sessions to talk about.

Sal Khan

Sal discussed how Khan Academy started and how it became one of the best nonprofits in the United States. SAT scores have improved through the Khan Academy training. In addition, it has the best atmosphere where you pay enough for new employees come in and the mission takes care of itself. The Khan Academy already has a huge influence in the world, that enemies are scared.

HR and Finance

Mark Fogel discuss the history of HR and Finance and their tumultuous relationship, but one thing that brings them together: data. Click here to read more.

SHRM16 Day 3 Recap

Day 3 is the most frantic of the SHRM Conference as this is the last full day of the conference and the last day of the Expo.

Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson

Politics are involved in this discussion, but it is necessary in HR to understand the nuances of politics because several of the bills passed do affect what HR does in their company. Both agree that while Hillary knows what she’s doing, she doesn’t open up of her interest and hobbies. On the other side of the spectrum, Donald Trump is the complete opposite. Click here to read more.

SHRM16 Day 2 Recap

This is the first full day of SHRM16 and there are a lot of things going on. Here’s what we saw.

Amy Cuddy

The keynote speaker discusses presence in a variety of ways from our tone to our body language. The key takeaway is expansion equals power. That’s why she wants daughters to learn how to sit up straight and be confident on who they are. No wonder Amy has the second most views on TEDTalks.

Concurrent Sessions
  • HROS
  • – This is a very good presentation on a movement the HR department needs to look at HR Open Source.
Click here to read more.

#SHRM16 Day 1 Recap

On the first day of SHRM16, everyone is coming in to register and situate for the rest of the conference. Sunday’s conference is to get acquainted with other HR professionals, what to expect at the conference,

Super Sunday Session: The 11 Facts of Life for HR Professionals – Commander Drew Brown

Former air pilot, Commander Drew Brown gave an inspiring session on what HR professionals need to know. The key takeaway was that humility and asking for help means real power. It shows you can’t do this by yourself, but there is some who can help you to be great. Click here to read more.

Ready To Play the #SHRM16 Scavenger Hunt?

Welcome to the HR SOURCE #SHRM16 Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow The HR SOURCE on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog posts on our website.
  2. Each of our sites will have one question. There are four (4) questions in total. You must answer ALL 4 questions.
  3. You must be in attendance for SHRM16 in D.C. At SHRM16, find the person with this button:
  4. Have your answers ready; either written, screenshot, or verbally.
  5. If you answer all 4 questions correctly, you will get a “cool” prize.

Here’s the first question to get you started: What does The HR SOURCE do? Click here to read more.

Welcome to SHRM16 in DC

I’d like to personally welcome each of you to #SHRM16. It is an exciting time for The HR SOURCE to be located here in the DC area where the 2016 conference is being held. As we continue to grow and to serve the human resources community, we remain available and responsive to your HR needs. The world of human resources is an exciting area in which to work/study/play and we will continue to meet and bring inspired individuals and organizations together by helping great companies find great people.

I’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect from the SHRM conference over the next few days. Click here to read more.

What to expect for SHRM16

The Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition is going to be in Washington D.C. on June 19-22. Over 15,000 attendees will coming by the biggest HR conference to learn, network, and partner with other HR professionals around the world.

Since this is a Presidential election year, it is appropriate the conference is held in D.C. The politics and governance going now has a huge impact in the workplace, especially for HR. With a new President, people are intrigued about the policies that could be in place in the next four years. A few of the subjects that will be discussed are the new overtime regulations, immigration, and healthcare. Click here to read more.