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Compensation Communication: What You Need to Know About Informing Employees

On average, only one-in-three employees fully understands their company’s compensation plan. This is a huge issue, considering that wages are often a company’s largest expense, a great amount of time is devoted to establishing compensation strategies, and these plans can be a major motivating factor for employees. Whether you’re in the process of rolling out a new employee compensation plan or have an established one, educating employees about it is paramount.

Three Tips for Setting the Tone

  1. Be Compassionate: Anything concerning wages can be highly emotional for employees, especially if it impacts them negatively.
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Beginners Guide to the Fundamentals of Compensation

Modern-day human resources departments are responsible for more than ever before. One of the most important, and also most challenging, is working out an ideal compensation program for employees.

The Effects of a Compensation Plan are Wide-Reaching

  • Attracting Talent: How you choose to structure your company’s compensation is a major determining factor in the types of employees you attract. Undeniably, the most skilled individuals are being offered lucrative packages, and your recruiting efforts will be impacted by the competitiveness of your compensation strategy.
  • Retaining Talent: Keeping top-performing employees is important, as it impacts the output of the company, morale, and saves money.
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How to Keep Office Spirit Thriving After New Years 2017

As the holidays approach, a dynamic change occurs in the moods, thoughts, and behaviors we all have. We become open, merrier, thoughtful, and more giving. It’s almost as if our joy grows with each set of lights that gets strung and with each cup of hot cocoa that is shared. But, when January rolls around, we see the reverse happen. The decorations come down and all that’s left behind are some squares of leftover wrap and perhaps a few strands of tinsel to remind us of what was. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Click here to read more.

Gift Exchange At Work; a Quick and Simple Guide

Gift exchange at work can be a lot of fun to host, whether you do them at work on a special day or have a stand-alone office party. Of course, keeping up with gifts for the whole office can get expensive fast, and it’s not always easy to guess what your co-workers would like.

Here’s how to make your gift exchange at work fun and simple, so everyone can participate.

Begin with the General Rules

Always make it an opt-in event. This way, people don’t feel obligated to join or don’t feel awkward declining if they don’t celebrate or can’t afford to participate. Click here to read more.

4 Ways to Get Your Office into the Holiday Spirit

One of our recent blogs shared tips on making sure everyone at your office feels welcome during the Holidays. However, sometimes the staff doesn’t feel like celebrating the office holidays much at all and this can impact the overall morale and productivity of your group.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to encourage more office merriment, try these four ideas on for size.

  1. Have an Ugly Sweater Day – Nothing says “festive” like hideous attire. Skip the dress code for a single day or institute an ugly sweater day every Friday throughout December.
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5 Ways to Make Your Office Holiday Celebration More Inclusive

The latest statistics from Pew Research indicate that a whopping 92% of the population celebrates Christmas. That’s nine out of every ten employees, if your business fits the general demographic makeup, so it would seem you’re fairly safe if you’re hoping to spread some Christmas cheer around the office. Let’s put this in perspective: One in ten of your employees is homosexual or bi. One in ten is Native American or a Native Alaskan. One in ten has the medical diagnosis of depression and takes medication. One in ten is significant… and if you are that one in ten, it is everything. Click here to read more.

3 Ways to Keep Employees Focused When Everyone Else is Shopping

Once we get over the initial tryptophan-induced “coma” of Thanksgiving, keeping employees focused on work is still a difficult task. With Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, and shopping for the holidays, undoubtedly your mind is bound to wander some as well. If you’re looking for unique ways to keep everyone pushing forward and goal-oriented, consider these three solutions.

  1. Mindfulness Training

    “In the last decade, mindfulness has been used inside companies to lower health costs, improve increase employee productivity, help employees stay ‘on task’ and reduce employee stress through a combination of breathing techniques and mental relaxation,” explains Forbes Contributor Jeanne Meister.

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5 Smart Ways to Increase Diversity in Your Team

In our previous blog, we explored why having a diverse team is important for the sake of ethics and to generate more revenue. This time around, we’ll get you started on how to cultivate a dynamic and diverse team.

Use these five ideas as a stepping stone:

  1. Recruit in Different Venues: Arguably, the easiest thing you can do to attract unique talent is to stop going back to the same pool for hiring. Change it up some and start using different job boards, employment fairs, industry organizations, and university programs. Experiment with alternate hiring tactics to draw new recruits in from lots of different places.
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Creating a Competitive Salary Structure

coins and pen

The second in a 2-part series, this one day, hands-on, interactive course outlines the steps for creating a competitive salary structure in your organization.

During this course you will learn to:

  • Define your organization’s pay philosophy
  • Select appropriate compensation survey sources to match your jobs to survey “benchmark” jobs
  • Analyze market data to determine if paying under, at or above competitive norms
  • Establish salary grades and pay ranges
  • Make recommendations on salary actions for current and future employees

January 24, 2017
8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
2101 L Street, NW. Suite 800
Washington, D.C.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize Workplace Diversity Today

Workplace diversity isn’t generally at the forefront of our minds. We seek out the best talent we can find and then hire, train, and work to promote a positive and productive environment. However, it’s generally not possible to assemble a diverse team without moving outside your traditional zone. Despite the effort it may require, creating workplace diversity is imperative to the success of your company. We’ve outlined the top five reasons why you need to prioritize diversity right away.

  1. To Assemble a Wide Array of Talents and Skills: Do you ever feel like your company gets stuck in a rut; always using the same ideas and methods?
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