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The focus on Diversity and Inclusion continues. The SHRM Diversity Conference & Exposition runs from October 23rd to October 25th in San Francisco, and we invite you to come and visit us at Booth 506.

The SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference and Exposition provides HR managers, HR generalists, diversity practitioners and senior managers and recruiters with an opportunity to upgrade your skills and network with others. Diversity and Inclusion plays a pivotal role in today’s recruitment, training and retention process. At SHRM you’ll find scads of innovative, forward-thinking strategies, philosophies and practical examples that will help you develop and implement successful Diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives for your business.

  • If you’d like to incorporate more Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies into your workplace culture…
  • Need help aligning your D&I strategies with your business goals…
  • Want to see how other companies have created a globally inclusive workforce…
  • Share ideas and learn best practices from HR professionals
  • We hope to see you there! (Come and visit us at booth 506)

Diversity is more than just a buzzword. In recent years, organizations of all shapes and sizes have put equality, diversity and inclusion it at the forefront of their workplace. And for good reason, as studies show that diverse teams perform better, offer more creative solutions, and solidify stronger client relationships.

These days, companies are proudly showcasing the diversity of their workforce. And as a result, are attracting and building very creative and talented teams. It’s important not to view diversity and inclusion as a charitable act or good PR.  There is plenty of research that shows how teams comprised of different demographics such as genders, ages, and ethnicities achieve better results. But more important that what you see on the outside, you should consider differences beyond demographics and look more closely at cognitive diversity.

Cognitive Diversity is based on different perspectives, perceptions and processing styles that arise when individuals are faced with new and complex situation or problems to solve.  In fact, according to a study published in Harvard Business Review teams with more cognitive diversity were able to complete complex challenges in good time, in comparison to teams with similar perspectives took longer or were not able to complete the tasks.

As humans, we are innately programmed to feel more comfortable with those who are similar.  Team mates tend to gravitate to those with similar perspectives. However, the next time you create a team, mix it up and see the magic that happens.

Why not drop by our SHRM Diversity Booth #506 and let’s chat about this and more!

If diversity and inclusion is part of your mandate, This week’s SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference will give you a plethora of knowledge and advice.  We will be there with our newest tool of creating a diverse workforce. Visit us at Booth 506 so we can help you build a diverse and inclusive workplace.

If you are unable to attend, stay tuned for future blog posts with recommended steps, or call and speak to our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Bill Shackelford, shares his thoughts about how you can build high performing teams through diversity efforts.


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