Our value added services enable internal teams who are often stretched thin, to focus on the day-to-day logistics while we tackle specific projects on your behalf. Complementing our core services in staffing, we offer innovative HR solutions in the following areas:

Executive Search
We know that exceptional senior-level candidates are not found through conventional means. On a retained search basis we creatively source and recruit candidates through networking, referrals, industry and academic associations, and online resources.

HR Consulting and Outsourcing
When you are faced with complex and time-consuming projects or compliance issues, such as HR department start-ups, compensation and benefit plan design or HRIS implementation, we provide you with HR Consultants who are available to provide support you on-site and will get the assignment completed effectively from start to finish. We will work with you to establish the scope of the work, develop timelines and define deliverables and determine which model best suits your organization’s needs and budget.

HR on Call
A professional subscription service providing real-time solutions from seasoned human resource professionals whom you can access instantly at any time throughout your workday. HR on Call services as an extension of your team and you pay only for what you need when you need, bringing you more value and more cost savings.

When your staffing needs are sporadic, short-term or based on seasonal fluctuations and you have done your own recruiting, clients often turn to our payrolling services when they want to manage a special project, bring back employees after restructuring or retirement or to engage a college intern for a limited period of time.

Candidate Pipelining
Candidate pipelining includes the design, development and deployment appropriate candidate sourcing strategies and tactics to generate candidate flow in order to drive qualified candidate hires to a client organization.  This work also requires the development of tangible outcomes including, but not limited to, talent acquisition and sourcing strategies, processes, recruiting automation, and building of candidate pipelines.  Our goal is to create value added, sustainable recruiting solutions.

We offer effective and efficient career transition services to non-exempt through mid-level managers with a highly personalized approach. Offering outplacement services sends a clear message that your company cares about helping departing employees with their transition and has a measurable business benefit which impacts the productivity of your workforce, employee loyalty, organizational goodwill and the corporate bottom line. We customize our programs to meet the needs of each transitioning employee and work with each one individually.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
You can outsource SOME or ALL of your recruiting to us. We offer customized recruiting solutions on a per project basis to support major hiring initiatives and on an on-going basis to handle your day-to-day recruiting needs. We will manage and complete large and small recruitment campaigns and will partner with you to ensure that your staffing needs are met. We will embrace your goal of getting the “Right People”.

Diversity & Inclusion Services

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Need help establishing or jump starting your Diversity & Inclusion program? Our diversity consultants can help.


Has your diversity program lost its mojo? Don’t let your diversity & inclusion efforts lose momentum during leadership transition. Instead, take advantage of our iCDO Service – a unique new service designed to provide a higher level of continuity between the old and new diversity & inclusion leadership in organizations. Our iCDO’s are senior-level diversity & inclusion leaders who come with instant credibility and can step in to provide short or long-term leadership for your effort during times of transition.

CDO Search

Can’t find the right person? Finding the right CDO requires the right search team. The HR SOURCE combines the tools and resources of its Executive Search service with the industry connections of its iCDO team to identify the perfect candidate to fill your diversity leadership position.

CDO Mentoring/Coaching

Need to get a new CDO up to speed quickly? Then, take advantage of our CDO Mentoring/Coaching services. We match your leader with one of our iCDO team members with experience managing the types of issues your leader is facing. Your assigned iCDO will provide on-site support and remote coaching in a package specifically designed for your leader. Our services will ensure your diversity leader and your diversity program hit the right note starting day one.

Diversity Training

Want to take your company to the next level? The HR SOURCE provides a variety of instructional training courses which helps participants gain cultural awareness in order to benefit the organization or company.

Cultural Audits

Want to know how to improve the success of your diversity & inclusion efforts? Then, our Cultural Audit services may be just what you need. Our proven process for collecting and analyzing organizational data will help you determine the challenges and opportunities the culture of your organization poses for your employees. We collect both objective (analytical) and subjective information using our state-of-the-art process that includes data analysis conducted by a former CIA analyst. Our cultural audit process can help you identify issues that may: 1) prevent your organization from taking full advantage of its culturally diverse workforce; 2) impact your ability to effectively serve diverse communities; or 3) impact your ability to gain or retain market share.

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