On the first day of SHRM16, everyone is coming in to register and situate for the rest of the conference. Sunday’s conference is to get acquainted with other HR professionals, what to expect at the conference,

Super Sunday Session: The 11 Facts of Life for HR Professionals – Commander Drew Brown

Former air pilot, Commander Drew Brown gave an inspiring session on what HR professionals need to know. The key takeaway was that humility and asking for help means real power. It shows you can’t do this by yourself, but there is some who can help you to be great.

Keynote Speakers Alan Mulally and Mike Rowe

Before the keynote speakers came out, SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson, gave his state of the HR address and address that companies need to be innovative, competitive, and fair to be a 21st Century workplace. One of his key examples is people now want telework for flexibility.

Then came Alan Mulally and how he resurrected Ford from bailout to respectability again. He mentioned when he saw the reviews, everything was “green.” Mulally change that for to give more accountability to his employees and to be honest where the company was heading.

Finally, Mike Rowe came to speak and actually, Mulally was Mike Rowe’s old boss. Rowe told a story of how Dirty Jobs was created from his previous gig in San Francisco and it involved rats, bugs, and lots of “manure.”

After that, Mulally and Rowe had a fireside chat. The most interesting thing from the chat was Rowe said millennials want a dose of truth and need to be challenged, and that employers are overreaching with their marketing.

Expo Hall

Expo Hall is the most massive part of the HR Conference with so many vendors. Sunday is usually the most fun giveaways. Vendors had wine, cupcakes, root beer floats, hula hoops, games, and others to gain their attention. The HR SOURCE really likes InfoMart’s booth that was serving the root beer floats.

After hours…

We partied the night away at NOVA SHRM, HRA-NCA and The HR Girlfriend’s pre-conference party at 600 F Street in DC. We met old friends and made some new ones with great food and drink and an awesome DJ playing some great music.

Tomorrow at SHRM16

The first full day of the conference with the concurrent session and the only full day of the Expo. Also, Amy Cuddy will be speaking and the Expo Hall does get serious a bit.

Check out the pictures. They’ve been posted on our Facebook Page:

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