This is the first full day of SHRM16 and there are a lot of things going on. Here’s what we saw.

Amy Cuddy

The keynote speaker discusses presence in a variety of ways from our tone to our body language. The key takeaway is expansion equals power. That’s why she wants daughters to learn how to sit up straight and be confident on who they are. No wonder Amy has the second most views on TEDTalks.

Concurrent Sessions

  • HROS – This is a very good presentation on a movement the HR department needs to look at HR Open Source. It’s case studies of specific HR issues from a variety of organizations. The good part: it is free to everyone.
  • Manager Onboarding – Sharlyn Lauby, President of the ITM Group and blogger of The HR Bartender, discusses the need to have manager onboarding. Some still get confused that being a manager and being a leader are two different things. Managers need to be trained to be promoted and they need to network to see what’s out there, not just for job hunting.
  • Personal Branding – Jennifer McClure, Head of Unbridled Talent, discuss that personal branding is more important than ever in the current workplace. You need to develop a personal brand for being employable, not job security.
Smart Stage

The Smart Stage are quick 15-20 minute presentations on a variety of HR topics. It’s micro-learning. We went to see Jason Lauritsen on the topic of anonymity and he mention that on a recent study, people who put their name on an evaluation/review, were more honest than the ones who evaluated without giving up their name.

In the “Strategizing Radical Change” session

Loren Murfield challenged us to look at new ways to do old things, to take action to make changes within our organizations and how to work with millenials.

Ryan Estis’ session on “Rethinking HR: The Future of Work” gave us some tools to take back to our workplaces which will better prepare us to work in the HR of the Future. The common theme of this session was presence, personal power and change.

In his session “The Idea Hunter”, Andy Boynton taught of that all failure is not bad and that it is sometimes a catalyst for a great idea. Keep those ideas flowing in your HR department.

Did you know whether it is intentional or not everyone has a brand? Jennifer McClure share her thoughts on how to create or change your brand and how important your brand is to your career or your organization


The biggest ordeal at the Expo was Jack Hanna signing autographs and bringing in a few animals to help out. Also, there are a lot of snacks for people to get energize, which was smart

What to expect today…

Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson are your keynote speakers, and politics will be included. In addition, it is the last day of the Expo and Train performs in the evening.

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