Day 3 is the most frantic of the SHRM Conference as this is the last full day of the conference and the last day of the Expo.

Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson

Politics are involved in this discussion, but it is necessary in HR to understand the nuances of politics because several of the bills passed do affect what HR does in their company. Both agree that while Hillary knows what she’s doing, she doesn’t open up of her interest and hobbies. On the other side of the spectrum, Donald Trump is the complete opposite.

Concurrent Sessions
  • Virtual Teams – Telecommuting was one of the things SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson, discuss broadly of entering the 21st century workplace. Giselle Kovary breaks down the pros and cons of having a virtual team. People assume technology is the most important thing, but you have to focus on the when & how first, then you get into technology. Another fascinating stat: in effective communication, we use 7% on verbal, 38% on tone, and 55% on body language. By building a virtual team, we lose 93% of the effectiveness if we don’t communicate without body language and tone.
  • Work with Purpose – Steve Browne gave an empowering session on how to connect with your employees and do not be stagnant; move to where they are. This quote sums up his session:

    “You should be the sower who sows the seeds of development for your people”

  • Working with Humans – Joe Gerstandt talks about using behavioral science to know what we and ourselves thing when deciding on hiring or other things. In hiring, people are not really discriminating on race gender, orientation, or by emotion; but we make decisions on the stereotypes we see and decide by human nature because that’s the image we’re used to. If you need to change decision-making (hiring), you have to change the process.
  • Expo

    It is the last day of the Expo and people are frantic on get a lot more swag to give away to their co-workers and family.


    Train were awesome last night singing to their favorites and singing cover songs from Queen to Led Zeppelin.

    Today on SHRM16

    The last day of the conference with Sal Khan as the keynote speak.

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