This is the last day of SHRM16 and before everyone goes, we have a few more sessions to talk about.

Sal Khan

Sal discussed how Khan Academy started and how it became one of the best nonprofits in the United States. SAT scores have improved through the Khan Academy training. In addition, it has the best atmosphere where you pay enough for new employees come in and the mission takes care of itself. The Khan Academy already has a huge influence in the world, that enemies are scared.

HR and Finance

Mark Fogel discuss the history of HR and Finance and their tumultuous relationship, but one thing that brings them together: data. Fogel says HR needs to have more data skills so they can translate to finance and executives what needs to be done.

Smart Stage
  • Karla Miller, Washington Post Magazine @Work – Karla discussed how five years, people want to know about layoffs and finding a job. Now, it about privacy during your job search, leave, and compensation.
  • Lori Kleiman – Lori discussed the HR Department of One and the biggest challenge is not time or work, but the other departments dictating HR and is time for HR professionals to take a stand.

That is all for SHRM16. We hope that you come back to D.C. again

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