The SHRM Conference is over, but there is a lot of knowledge and swag to take back to the workplace after an epic week in D.C.

The Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers were inspirational and thoughtful. From Amy Cuddy and our presence to Sal Khan and using education not only to learn, but as a weapon against the dangers of this world. We also need to pay attention our labor force, as they do most of dirty work by building the product as Alan Mulally and Mike Rowe remind us.

Finally, if you like it or not, our government plays a huge role in our workplace and this being a Presidential election year, it was good to hear insights from Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson of the candidates’ views.

The Sessions

The sessions that we attended were engaging and thoughtful from marketing HR, onboarding, telecommuting, and HR’s relationship with Finance. What we didn’t like about the sessions is that so many good sessions happen at the same time. We wish we could have cloned ourselves and attended every single one. We also enjoyed the Smart Stage, which are micro-sessions that gives speakers 15-20 minutes on a certain HR topic. If you do not like long sessions, these sessions are a good alternative.

The Expo

First thing you notice about the Expo is it is huge. There are a lot of vendors looking for business. That speaks to how HR has become important in business and the many players grabbing the piece of the pie. Our favorite giveaway were the hula hoops from VisaNow.

The People

The SHRM Conference is huge. Over 15,000 attendees came by and you would assume being this big, it would be hard to network. Think of SHRM as a community. We all come here to learn, network, and have fun. When you break down to sub-communities there are many places to network. You have your local chapters, HR Department of Ones, industry, generalization, etc. While it may be a huge event, look at your sub-communities and attend those events the next time you attend the SHRM Conference.

We hope you had a lot of fun at the conference and touring Washington, D.C. We will see you next year in New Orleans.

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