The Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition is going to be in Washington D.C. on June 19-22. Over 15,000 attendees will coming by the biggest HR conference to learn, network, and partner with other HR professionals around the world.

Since this is a Presidential election year, it is appropriate the conference is held in D.C. The politics and governance going now has a huge impact in the workplace, especially for HR. With a new President, people are intrigued about the policies that could be in place in the next four years. A few of the subjects that will be discussed are the new overtime regulations, immigration, and healthcare.

The sessions will cover numerous HR topics, so if you’re a big company bringing a lot of HR professionals to the conference, divide and conquer. If you are running solo or have a small HR team coming, pick out the sessions are the most important and follow the other sessions on Twitter using the hashtag, #SHRM16.

Here’s what to do at SHRM16

Plan, but don’t settle.

Before you head over to D.C., have a plan in place. Highlight what sessions you want to attend, what vendors you want to talk to about improving your HR department, find out which parties and restaurants you want to attend, and other surrounding events.

Remember, SHRM is a large conference and there are many things to do and distractions that can take you away from your goals. If you believe you have something that is beneficial for yourself and/or the HR department, take advantage of the opportunity and alter your schedule on the fly. Also, utilize the surrounding areas around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center like hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants and bars to get the work done and build one-on-one working relationships.

Party on Sunday, Business thereafter.

The SHRM Expo Hall is a huge place and there are many HR vendors who want your business. On Sunday, the Expo will be one big party as vendors give out their best giveaways to attract new (and old) customers to buy their product.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Expo converts to a business showcase and where they are getting serious of wanting your business. If your department has a need, plan which type of vendors you would want to talk to.
Finally, get the free “Swag” from the vendors to give it to your employees, friends and family, or someone else.

Have fun

Imagine the SHRM Conference as Spring Break for HR Professionals. You will learn, network, and keep to date with HR trends and policies, but the most important thing is to have fun. Not only enjoy the conference, but enjoy what D.C. has to offer. D.C. have historic landmarks, museums, a thriving restaurant scene, and many activities to do. View the SHRM Conference as a business vacation.

We hope to see you at the SHRM Conference and come say hi to us or follow us on social media.

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