How to Keep Morale High When Your Team is Going for the Gold

Olympic victories don’t just happen overnight. It takes years of dedication and training to walk away with a medal. Despite this, even the best contenders never achieve gold status, and highly-skilled athletes who have spent a lifetime training may never receive the recognition they deserve.

The corporate world can sometimes feel this way, too. If your HR professional has done his or her job well, your staff is filled with highly-trained employees, all working together to help the company earn a gold medal; to succeed in business, overcome obstacles, and defeat the competition. However, there will be times when your team’s spirit sinks, and we know that morale has a huge impact on how employees perform. Some sources indicate that productivity goes up as much as 200% when employees are happy, but boosting morale is important just for the sake of being in a pleasant work environment, too.

If your employees are struggling, here are a few tips you can use to turn the atmosphere around.

1. Put Your Game Face On

To triumph in the face of adversity, we often say “Put your game face on.” This is true in the corporate world as well. Your employees are looking to you for direction. If you remain positive and forward-focused, they will, too.

2. Celebrate Small Victories

Every accomplished milestone or task is an opportunity to celebrate. Treat little events as a victory on the path to the big win and look for reasons to celebrate. “Just because you fall short of a goal doesn’t mean your employees didn’t work hard–and accomplish other feats in the process,” explains Ilan Mochari of Inc. Magazine. Recognize the team for their accomplishments, even if you didn’t have the desired outcome.

3. Recognize Personal Events and Wins

Take every opportunity you can to recognize employees for the good things they’ve done or the positive things happening in their lives. A simple note that outlines why you’re proud to have someone on your team or that you see the good things they’re doing strengthens their self-worth, and thus, their morale.

4. Reevaluate Goals

People feel a sense of accomplishment when a task is completed, regardless of its size. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate goals or change up the structure of a project to encourage more celebrations, but be sure to communicate how and why it’s changing to your team in a way that gets them fired up about going a new direction.

5. Encourage Work/ Life Balance

People tend to want to put in more hours when things don’t go right, and that is commendable. However, those who have the personal time they need accomplish more and feel better about the work they do. Make sure your employees aren’t burning the midnight oil, and that they continue to take vacations, weekends, and holidays off.

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