A well-crafted resume is a key part of the job search process. A great resume gives an excellent first impression and can open the door to interviews and job opportunities.

Many job seekers have a idea of what to include on their resume, but most are not familiar with the information that they should omit or shouldn’t include. To set yourself apart from other job candidates, consider removing these 5 things from your resume.

  • Paragraphs – According to Ladders (an online job matching service) recruiters spend about 6 to 11 seconds “speed reading” a resume. So rather than writing long paragraphs, create short, strong and clear bullet points. They’ll be easier for a recruiter to scan and will ensure your skills will not get overlooked.
  • Unprofessional email addresses – Avoid using cute and overly descriptive email address like animallover@email.com or crazyjim@email.com. A Career Builder study showed that 35% of recruiters automatically dismiss resumes with unprofessional email addresses. If you want to be taken seriously, create an email address with your first and last name, such as: john.smith@email.com.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes – Scrutinize your resume not once, not twice, but three times! To a recruiter, spelling and grammar mistakes scream “do not hire”. According to CareerBuilder, 61 percent of recruiter will dismiss resumes with typos or mistakes. And, before sending out your resume, don’t just rely on spell or grammar checking software; they rarely catch all types of errors.
  • Excessive “fluff” words – Far too many job candidates add fluff terms like “Dynamic Visionary”, “team player” or “highly motivated” to their resume. These types of terms might sound good, but they aren’t very descriptive, so they add little to no real value. It’s better to be specific and demonstrate what you have achieved or accomplished.
  • Too much past info – A good resume is one or two pages in length. To cut down on the length of your resume, consider removing some of your work history. Employers are interested in your most recent work experience. It’s best to limit your resume to the past 15 years. If you’re new to the job market, don’t include your high school career information. Instead, highlight your education, internships and any relevant skills you are developing while in college.

A well-crafted resume will open many doors. If you want to ensure your resume sends the right message, we can help. We’d be pleased to review your resume and offer helpful suggestions to make it even stronger and more attractive.

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