How to Make The Most of Your Job Searching Efforts

It can be disheartening to continue a job search for an extended period of time, but it happens to the best of us. If you’re just starting out on your search or are feeling burned out after your quest has become stagnate, there are a few simple ways to amplify your efforts.

1) Revamp Your Resume

Employers may spend less than 20 seconds scanning your resume for pertinent facts. Make sure your resume reads well, while ensuring that the important details are orderly and jump off the page. Test the effectiveness of a resume by giving it to a friend or family member for 20 seconds, and then ask them to surmise the significant information.

2) Create Custom Cover Letters for Each Position

Employers still expect cover letters to accompany your resume. Sadly, many of those who do include the extra touch fail to optimize them for the position they’re applying for. The cover letter is an opportunity to show that you understand the position and to surmise why you’re a good candidate for it. Include the hiring manager’s name or the name of the company in it whenever possible. A “canned” cover letter can be spotted a mile away, so be sure to personalize it.

3) Check Your Online Presence

Potential Employers will Google you. Make sure that the first few results they get provide them with a positive impression. If your Facebook profile contains personal information, lock it down during the search. You should also update business profiles, like LinkedIn, and make sure they accurately represent who you are and what you can do today.

4) Create a Schedule

Extensive searching can be exhausting and may feel overwhelming. Create a schedule for your search with daily goals. You can even mark down which sites you’re searching and when you need to recheck them, as well as how many times per day you think you should be submitting your resume.

5) Use Downtime for Training

Employers want versatile employees with a wide range of skills. You can enhance your resume and make yourself look like a more attractive candidate by taking additional training courses while you’re looking for your new position. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently interviewed employers about which skills they’re looking for. More than 80% said leadership skills, which can be easily picked up through online coursework. Communication, technical skills, and computer skills also ranked highly. Choose the best classes to round out your resume based on your existing skills and the industry you work in.

6) Network, Network and Network Some More!

Make use of LinkedIn and other channels to connect with people in your industry or with people who work for companies that you’d like to work for. Tell family members and friends what companies and positions you are looking for and see if they know anyone that can make any introductions for you. You never know who may come through for you. With time and dedication, you’ll find the right position.

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