In today’s world, it’s likely that many of you will consider applying for an out of town role, or you may have been offered a job in another location. The question is, should you move? Should you stay or should you go?

If you are a candidate with no ties and with a readiness to explore, (such as a younger worker), deciding to move might be an easy decision. But, for many other workers with established lives it can be a tougher decision which means uprooting your family and leaving your social network. It is no wonder then that moving house is thought to be one of the three most stressful life events.

But, if you are going to relocate, then moving for a job is a great reason to do it. In fact, a study by shows that a new job is one of the top 5 reasons that people move and over half move out of state or country. This shows that lots of people make job relocations work and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Quite the opposite actually, as the survey showed that 80% of people moving for a job felt very positive.

So, it’s always worth thinking positively about an out of state (or even country) job relocation. It can be a way to simply land a job, advance your salary, your career and to experience new cultures and get a fresh start.

But, adjusting to the new environment can be a challenge, so favor assignments that offer good relocation and adjustment support for both you and your family, as studies show that a failure to adapt to a new location is a big reason for failed job relocations.

However, in a climate of high unemployment and where job advancement opportunities may be scarce, it makes sense to widen the net and have an open attitude to job relocation in order to advance your career. Good Luck!

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