3 Human Resources Processes it’s Time to Automate

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We integrate tech into our daily lives in a number of ways. You probably have your coffee pot set to brew at a certain time. Your calendar alerts you of birthdays and appointments. You may even have household supplies shipped to you on a recurring basis through a service like Amazon. And, yet, somehow this stops at the doors of human resources. At last count, some 40% of HR departments weren’t embracing tech.

1. Timesheets

If you’re still tracking time in Excel spreadsheets or, worse yet, using paper, you’re not only operating inefficiently but are likely logging time inaccurately. Much of this is because employees don’t always log their time as they’re coming and going, but relying on memory instead, while others intentionally take advantage of the system to log more time than they put in.

2. Onboarding

What steps are involved each time you hire someone new? Do you hand the employee a stack of paperwork and give a presentation about the policies and procedures? Not only is the paperwork a drain on productivity, but transferring data leaves room for error. Moreover, if you’re giving presentations, even scripted ones, there’s still room to forget to relay crucial information.

3. Reviews

Employees require regular and consistent feedback in order to operate at their best, but many companies only offer yearly performance reviews because the paperwork and collaboration is time-intensive. Perhaps more concerning is the fact that this leaves reviews wide open for unintentional bias, meaning employees may not be getting fair or actionable feedback.

Benefits of Automation

Increased Productivity: As you eliminate repetitive tasks, your productivity goes through the roof, leaving you with more time to focus on all the other tasks that need to be taken care of.

Value: Many businesses are expecting more from their HR departments than ever before.

Automation software helps bridge the gaps, enabling the team to do more on a smaller budget.

Consistency: Human errors can be costly. Take, for example, a manual timecard. Some employees spend 30 minutes or more going over theirs each pay period to ensure accuracy. That adds up. Equally, unintentionally overpaying someone due to transposed numbers creates a financial issue and, when that money comes out of later paychecks, can decrease morale to a point it may not recover. Automation can eliminate human errors such as this.

Get in Touch with the HR Source

Not sure where to get started with HR automation? You may want to consider bringing in an HR consultant who can help you identify which of your processes are best to automate and how to go about implementation. We also offer free consultations for things like outsourcing and staffing, so get in touch with us to book yours today.

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