Creatively crafted to accommodate all learning styles, our 2.5 hour workshop provides a big picture understanding of DEI. With the use of variety of metaphors, visual-based learning, and facilitated discussions to enhance the retention of learnings, our DIVERSOLOGY workshop transcends traditional workplace trainings to provide a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

We Offer Three Broad Lines of Service

Organizational Assessment Services

Environmental Scan Survey (ESS)
A tool that takes the “temperature” or “pulse” of the organization.
Cultural Audit
A comprehensive view of your organization to identify social norms, attitudes, and assumptions that influence company culture.

Diversity & Inclusion
Training Services

The HR SOURCE can take your organization to the next level with innovative diversity & inclusion training programs that leverage the learning styles of participants to help them gain cultural awareness and build cross-cultural relationships.

Diversity & Inclusion Management Services

Our Diversity & Inclusion Management Services are designed to facilitate organizational change at every level. Whether helping to build inclusive company culture or transform an existing diversity & inclusion program, our services are enriched with tools to enhance workplace climates and sustain lasting results.

Organizational Assessment Services

Before launching into any DEI initiative, it is important for an organization to explore its alignment to its mission, strategy, goals and objectives and willingness to commit both time and resources. Our services in planning, development, design and implementation require that we first understand your organization’s work and the environment in which you do it, before taking any action toward building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Environmental Scan Survey

The HR SOURCE Environmental Scan Survey provides an understanding of employee attitudes and perceptions about the organization. Also, it is a useful tool to gauge employee reactions to recent changes in the organization or its business. The results can be used to guide actions related to improving the organizational culture and performance.

Cultural Audit

The HR SOURCE Cultural Audit is a concentrated process that identifies barriers to creating an inclusive workplace and provides valuable insight and yields data-driven solutions to improve your company culture. The cultural audit includes our ESS survey and supplements it with data collected via focus groups, key stakeholder interviews and a detailed review of organizational policies and procedures.

*All surveys are conducted online and are designed and administered by our team of experts.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Services

Diversology -- Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Creatively crafted to accommodate all learning styles, our 2.5 hour Diversology course provides a big picture understanding of diversity and inclusion. With the use of metaphors, facilitated discussions, and our signature pillars the Diversology content transcends traditional workplace trainings to provide a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

Traditional Training
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • The Multi-generational Workplace
  • Microaggressions
  • Race
  • Anti-Racism
Diversity Map

Diversity & Inclusion Management Services

Interim Chief Diversity (iCDO) Program

Our iCDO Program was created to specifically support organizations restructuring their diversity and inclusion leadership and/or programs. The iCDO matches your company with a senior diversity leader to serve as a subject matter expert to analyze data, mentor staff, and create initiatives that align with your diversity and inclusion goals.

Chief Diversity Office (CDO)

Executive Search Our CDO Executive Search Service will help your company find the right person to fill a vacant diversity leader position. We combine advanced search tools with top notch industry connections to ensure you find the right candidate quickly.

CDO Mentoring/Coaching

Our world and workplace are ever changing. Every Chief Diversity Officer can benefit from mentoring/coaching from experienced diversity & inclusion leaders. We provide a customized package of on-site support and remote coaching to ensure leaders are prepared to navigate the changes of a dynamic workforce.