Using Keywords and Accomplishments to Your Advantage

Using Keywords and Accomplishments

In a better world, we would like recruiters to read our resumes and compare it to others and see who is the best candidate. However, with technology, recruiters can use their ATS/CRM to find or assist to find keywords, based on their job description, to find candidates easier. Here are tips to put your resume in front of the line to be considered for the position.


You can use keywords to help differentiate others. You can also use keywords to see what they’re looking for. Employers put skills and software to see who has the experience using it. Let’s take the HR Generalist position. The first thing that comes to mind is what skills they’re looking for. If the job description is asking for recruiting, compliance, and employee relations, be specific what you did in those areas. If they ask for “HR Generalist duties,” list what areas have you done and save the specifics for the cover letter of the screening.

Another thing to check for is what applications they use. For the most part, if you’re tech-savvy, the employers would be considered, but it would be great if you already use the software because it would reduce training for the department and there would be a smooth transition. Make sure what system(s) the employers are using and put that in your resume.


It used to be in your resume, you write an objective to know what you are planning to do and your next step in your career. These days, employers want to know what have you accomplish to get a better picture of what have you done and can fit in immediately. You can list your main accomplishments at the top of the resume as an introduction or list your accomplishments in each of the positions you held.

AI and keyword searches have been a game-changer not only for applicants but for employers. This trend will not end soon as vendors are creating technology that could automate the application process. Although it may sound bleak for candidates this would help both sides on getting a clearer picture of what each side is going into.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE.

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