5 Quick Tips to Improve Working from Home

Working from home is the new normal for most of us. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we’ve experienced months of binging Netflix while attending boardroom meetings. While I did not plan to work from home for 6 years, it has become a plus for me as I can share with you what to do in a possibly long-term situation. Here are five quick tips to implement in your working from home routine that’ll give you lasting results.

1. Test your broadband

Your internet connection is arguably the most important component to remote work. You want to ensure you are equipped with a strong internet connection to get your work done. Take a moment to test your broadband with free sites like Ookla and Speakeasy to confirm you have all the speed you need. *Bonus Tip* – The more devices connected to your Wi-Fi, the slower it goes. If you notice your internet connection is moving slowly, disconnect the devices your aren’t using to improve speed.

2. Find the light

While this a general rule for selfies, good lighting can also save the day when it comes to remote work. Setting up in a well-lit room will help co-workers see your face clearly during videoconference calls. You may even notice a productivity boost as you work throughout the day.

3. Set a schedule

It can be tempting to “go with the flow” when working from home, but we’ve found creating a schedule can help to boost productivity and decrease stress. Setting times for meetings, lunch, and breaks can help manage your workload and avoid burnout. Be sure to be realistic when creating your schedule, making time for mental breaks and other obligations when needed.

4. Move around

One of the main perks of working from home is the flexibility to work away from a desk. Use this to your advantage! Switch up your location for a fresh perspective when working. Your legs will thank you, too.

5. Relax and be yourself

We are all navigating the work from home environment together. Remember to show yourself and your co-workers grace when unforeseen circumstances arise, like a dog barking in the middle of a conference call or kid photobombing during a Zoom meeting. These moments remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, even as professionals.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer for The HR SOURCE

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