8 Tips to Stay Organized as an HR Professional

Tips to Stay Organized

Got an overflowing inbox or voicemail so full it stopped accepting new messages? In most jobs, this would likely signal the apocalypse, but in HR, it may be approaching the end of the year or just another Monday. Truth be told, you probably can’t tell either—your desk calendar has been buried under a stack of papers for as long as you can remember. Not to worry. Use the tips outlined here and you’ll be organized in no time.

1) Go Paperless

You don’t have to do it all at once, but little by little, start going paperless. Hopefully your company makes use of software that will allow you to digitize everything. If not, make a case for it and put what you can in the cloud while you wait.

2) Clean House

Designate specific times of day to clean house, including decluttering your inbox and organizing your digital folders. Try to avoid doing these and other repetitive time-sucking tasks throughout the day because it will only detract from the work at hand. Humans cannot multitask, no matter how many years we’ve been in HR.

3) Set Goals and Prioritize

Take time on a regular basis, be it monthly or quarterly, to review everything that needs to be done before the next review. Then, order your list by urgency, so it’s easy to see what to focus on first.

4) Create a Team Calendar and Delegate

Once the goals are established, break down the timeline, assign duties, and create a team calendar to denote progress checkpoints and due dates. Again, digital is best. That way, everyone can access it and has the most current information.

5) Leverage Checklists

Plans should start big, but they need to be broken down into individual tasks you can manage. Leverage daily and/or weekly checklists to make sure nothing is overlooked. Psychologists say this simple trick also frees up brain space, enabling you to think more creatively. Plus, the simple act of checking things off can improve motivation and make you feel good too.

6) Leave Yourself Wiggle Room

Hopefully, you have a good idea of how much unexpected and urgent work crosses your desk each day. Is it 30 minutes? An hour? Whatever it might be, start blocking out the time on your calendar as “not available” and don’t book anything to give yourself some wiggle room.

7) Take Time to Recharge

Working through lunch or stuck at the office late again? Stop. You really do need to take breaks. It’ll improve your productivity, creativity, motivation, mood, and more. Vacations are a must as well, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Give yourself permission to take your vacations, just like all employees should.

8) Keep a Full Staff

It probably goes without saying, but if you are understaffed, you’re overloaded. The good news is, the HR Source can help. Whether you need help in your HR department or have general staffing needs, contact us for a free consultation

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