How to Keep Your Office Cool When Political Passions Flare

Keep office cool when political passion flares

In our last blog, we talked a bit about how the trade wars are impacting employees and HR departments, but tariffs are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole lot of politics seeping into our offices as of late, including everything from healthcare issues such as abortion and increasing insurance premiums through taxes and sexual harassment claims. Moreover, conflict of interest has become a major topic too, and whether we can fairly represent those we serve while working for an entity which seemingly opposes all we stand for. These are challenging times for human resource professionals, but that doesn’t mean these issues have to detract from the work to be done or decrease morale. Whether your office is already struggling or you’d like to prevent issues from seeping in, use these tips to keep things cool.

Take Stock of Your Own Potential Conflicts

As a company head, the team looks up to you and must have faith that you’re acting in their best interests. Consider your affiliations—down to your online groups and whose posts you retweet—to make sure you’re sending the right message.

Celebrate Diversity

Take another look at your hiring policies to make sure you’re bringing in a diverse grouping of employees. Everything from your recruitment methods to requirements determines who applies and makes it in. It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re providing an inclusive environment in which all employees feel welcome, safe, and supported.

Allow Work-Related Discussions; Nix Heated Political Discussions

The fact is, things like new tariffs, tax laws, and medical issues do impact your employees, and it’s only natural they’ll want to talk about how changes impact them. Equally, discussing these issues does not mean individuals need to be engaging in heated debates. Work with management staff on how they can redirect these conversations as they come up and coach employees on ideal workplace behaviors.

Build a Leadership Program

Give employees the opportunity to learn leadership skills, such as effective communication, fostering collaboration, and cultivating respect. This will help you get essential messages across in a way that motivates employees to take ownership for themselves and the environment they create. It will also help ensure your team is ready to step up as new positions open.

Get Help from the HR Source

The HR Source has a series of diversity and inclusion tools designed to ensure your company has processes and trainings in place necessary to attract a variety of talent and reaps the benefits of inclusion. We also provide a multitude of services for employers such as staffing, consulting, outsourcing, and on-call help, so your team can operate at its peak, even if you’re stretched thin or don’t yet have expertise in a specific area. We’re glad to chat with you about your needs and concerns at no cost to you, so book your free consultation today.

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