The HR Source Twelve Days of Sharing – Week 1

The HR Source fully embraces the importance of self care, so in our first installment of the Twelve Days of Sharing,  we shared tools to help you address both physical and mental wellness. Watch our intro video and read below for more information. Receive these gifts and share them with a friend. 

Gift #1 – Daily Yoga App

This is an app for mobile phones that offers hundreds of guided yoga programs and classes, access to yoga masters and a community of yogis from around the world. A great tool to move toward mindfulness and better health.

Gift #2 – The Calm App

This app provides great tips to handle your overwhelming life and keep a work life balance that is healthy for you. Whether you need help with stress, building self esteem, reducing anxiety, better sleep, increasing happiness, developing gratitude or improving performance, the Calm App has something for you.

Gift #3 – Abs Workout App

The third gift of self care is the Abs Workout App. Here are some surprising facts about getting abs

  • You do not need to train your abs everyday
  • Abs exercises alone are not enough 
  • Some ab moves are more effective than others, while some ab moves aren’t worth doing at all
  • You can eat your way to a flatter belly

Are you working on those Summer 2022 abs? What’s your favorite ab exercise?

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