Voting Makes An Impact on HR

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Election Day is rapidly approaching on November 3. 2020 (tomorrow) and it is a critical year for voting as we are casting ballots for the presidential election and many other state and local offices. Election results are a huge determinant of processes that impact many areas of our lives. As human resources professionals, we must bear in mind several considerations as we vote for what’s on the ballot.

1. COVID-19 Response

According to, COVID-19 is now on its third wave in the United States. It is likely we may quarantine a little longer, especially as the winter season approaches. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have proactively decided to allow employees to work remotely until the end of the year. Many companies are looking to state governments as they prepare to make similar decisions about employees returning to work. Since States have jurisdiction on Covid-19 responses for their areas, (i.e. stay-at-home orders, masks requirements, etc.), local elections will determine how we will combat the virus in our daily lives.

2. Pay Equality

On average, women are paid $0.82 for every dollar paid to men. The wage gap is even larger for women of color. State legislation plays a factor in how employers respond to the growing wage gap. For instance, state laws can ban employers from asking questions about salary, penalize employers for not paying within range of a position, and even determine the minimum wage. Be sure to research your state’s government officials to discover their stance on this topic to make an informed decision at the poll.

3. Healthcare

While healthcare is a great selling point to attract candidates, we must consider the inaccessibility of healthcare coverage without having a full-time job. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) give citizens the option to obtain coverage without full-time employment.. Buyers have the option of selecting their employer’s health plan or a public health plan under the ACA. The Affordable Care Act is huge talking point of the 2020’s presidential election.

4. Social Justice

There are an array of social justice issues to be considered as we head to to the polls. Social justice movements like “Black Lives Matter,” LGTBQ rights, and “Me Too” have fought publicly for awareness and action for their respective platforms. In addition to getting involved, employers must create a safe environment for employees who may support a movement. This is especially true as election season progresses.

While we may think of voting as our personal preference on issues that matter to us, voting in elections have huge implications for our jobs and for our employers. To learn more information about voting in your state, visit, and prepare to make your voice heard.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Strategist for The HR SOURCE

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