Dressing Up Appropriately To The Job

In a job interview a few years ago, I wore my suit and tie to a job interview. When I enter the building, I see a lot of employees were wearing t-shirts and some wore shorts. At that time, I realize that 1) I was overdressed and 2) it is likely I won’t get the job.

It used to be that for job interviews, you have to wear a suit, tie, and dress pants to impress the hiring managers to land the job. For most occasions, you still need to dress up, but in some cases, it is alright to wear a t-shirt and jeans to an interview.

In today’s world, employers are focusing on the working environment to feel employees have a second home or feel comfortable to get work done. Some like a loose atmosphere, some like it tight. This is why many employers put their benefits and perks after the job description to attract applicants who are not only qualify for their position, but are attracted to that environment.

When you apply and get a job interview, research the employer’s working environment and see what they offer. If they say they have a “loose environment”, email or call the hiring manager to see if you are allow wearing a t-shirt and jeans to an interview. If they allow it, go for it, but have your outfit match the working environment of the employer and don’t be provocative and outlandish that they won’t hire you.

Some prefer suits, some prefer t-shirts and dresses to go to work, but the main job for the hiring manager in the interview is if you have the skillset and if you can fit in with the company. It is up to you to match what they are looking for.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE

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