Innovations in Job Hunting: Chatbots

In the past several years, recruiting and job searching has gone to new lengths to reach out to candidates from social media, video interviews, and the emerging new technologies companies have to play with. One tool that everyone should be focusing on is chatbots.

Chatbots are used to communicate with people and companies either within your company or outside of it. Chatbots have been around for a long time (remember AOL Instant Messenger?). Why chatbots are getting popular among recruiters and HR professionals is because it is instant. You can get notifications on your desktop or mobile phone and you check it out immediately what the person wrote and can respond on the spot. It’s text messaging, but more in-depth of what you’re trying to say.

How is this useful in your job search? You can ask questions, at any time on any device, about a certain job opening or discuss the workplace atmosphere there. In chatbots, they do measure response rates in real-time, unlike in phones or emails, so the company will likely have to respond to the question you asked in the chatbot to keep up on the engagement. This should help job seekers on 1) how quickly they will respond to you and 2) how much information they will give before you decide if you want to apply for the position/company.

While we’re too busy in our lives, a chatbot is a great tool for job seekers to ask whatever they want about the job and company information and for companies to respond as best as they can. It truly makes it your door is always open.

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Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist of The HR SOURCE

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