Effectiveness of Anonymous Employee Survey

Anonymous Employee Survey

Employee satisfaction greatly contributes to the company’s success. Ideally, we would want our employees to be transparent with their feedback about their peers, managers and the company. One of their concerns is the anonymity of their feedback. They tend to be bias with their response and not be honest with their opinions. Some might not even respond at all.

Unfortunately, some companies don’t allow full freedom of expression. Companies wants to address the concern directly to the person involved. Most of the time, employees feel uneasy with this method thus creating tension within the organization. Instead, companies should be focusing more on the feedback itself regardless of who said it. It still boils down to addressing the issue that was raised and not the person who raised it.

Anonymous Employee Survey removes all the fears and hesitations so they can be more open and honest with their opinion, even on sensitive or unpopular topics. Developing trust within the team means you must respect the employee’s privacy so they can speak their truths without needing to play politics.

Here are some advantages of Anonymous Employee Surveys:

1. High Response Rate

Employees are more likely to respond in an anonymous employee survey. They are confident that their privacy will be maintained, and they will have more freedom to express their thoughts without being known. In fact, anonymous survey can achieve up to 90% response rate which would help you get more data for your survey.

2. Accurate Feedback/ Data

Employees will not be hesitant to provide their thoughts on a certain matter with the assurance that their response will remain anonymous. It encourages them to provide unbiased and truthful answers. Hearing positive or negative feedback is pertinent in reaching the company’s objective. Without anonymity, employees would tend to withhold important information for the fear of retaliation from management. This might cause a bad situation to worsen so getting accurate feedback will help you solve a problem before it’s too late.

3. Employees feel important and engaged

Anonymous surveys make employees feel that they’re thoughts are being heard and valued to achieve company’s success. It makes them feel that it’s okay to give feedback whether it’s a positive or negative one. They will be more empowered which in turn makes them more productive at work. It cultivates trust between the employees and the company.

4. Employee Retention

Making your employees feel heard and valued contributes to a higher retention rate. Moreover, if you act on their feedback, it would make them feel secured and appreciated by the company. This way, you can improve on those negative feedbacks which in theory would make your employees happier.

By conducting anonymous employee surveys, you are creating trust amongst the team. It conveys that you value their input and privacy which opens meaningful feedback and creates a valuable dialogue within the organization. Sure, there might be some criticisms, but use these criticisms to the company’s advantage. These comments will also give you recommendations for improvement, honest compliments, and a great deal of pleasant surprises! Give feedback to your employees, ask about our environmental scan survey. Or, cut straight to the chase and book a free consult to discuss the specific needs of your organization today.

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