Happy Global Talent Acquisition Day!

Talent Acquisition Day

Today is a celebration of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. We are celebrating what our profession does in the workplace and that is finding talent. There has been many shifts in recruiting that it belongs to HR, marketing, C-Suite, and others. While talent acquisition/recruiting has change a lot over the years, one thing remains and that’s their base: finding talent.

There are many tools recruiters use to find talent and contacts and with the explosion of technology and events for recruiters to track easier, the profession has never been better. However, if there is one thing recruiters should improve upon, it’s finding potential.

In a pressure-pack world where most businesses want to focus on short-term gains, that means they want to find employees who are ready and have the skillset necessary. The problem is those are hard to find and can be expensive.

I have viewed recruiting as scouting because recruiters have to go read the resumes and need to see or hear the candidate. While we have technology and data to make hiring decisions easier, it is best to integrate your data and your eyes to see the best candidate possible.

As we celebrate Global Talent Acquisition Day, we should celebrate how the profession has grown over the years and trying to find new innovative ways to find talent in a global scale. In the heart of of talent acquisition and recruiting, it is the hunt and growth of employee that makes the profession intriguing to me.

Tracy Tran is the Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE.

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