How to Get the Most from Your HR Tech Vendor Relationships

Get the most out of HR tech vendor

The benefits of incorporating technology into your HR department are manifold. It can help you increase efficiency, achieve more, reduce errors, and improve all sorts of processes. But, where should you start?

Know What You Need

Take time to run an internal assessment of your department’s greatest challenges and opportunities. Areas to focus on might include things like hiring, training, performance management, payroll, and bench marking/ measuring success. Once you have a deep understanding of what you need to get from your human capital management (HCM) system, it will be much easier to compare what the various companies offer, and which ones can meet your needs best.

Work with a Single Provider When Possible

Chances are you’ll have multiple vendors who specialize in different things, but it’s best to keep the list to a minimum. If specific vendors offer more than one service you can benefit from, leverage them to streamline processes. Even if you can potentially save a little bit of money, bringing in additional vendors can cause issues with interoperability and communication, which costs more time and money in the long run. Keep your vendor list to a minimum to avoid this.

Designate an Internal Point of Contact

If one person isn’t tasked with managing something, chances are nobody will manage it or it won’t get effective coverage. By designating a single point of contact within your company who is responsible for vendor contacts, you’re ensuring adequate oversight and providing the vendors with the tools they need to ensure you’re getting the most of their products and services.

Be Open to Suggestions

Even though you’re the expert on your company, your vendor is an expert in tech solutions. Take advantage of that. Ask them for opinions, let them know when you’re strategizing, and be open to suggestions they make. You might get suggestions you hadn’t considered or be introduced to solutions that are easy to integrate.

Develop a Relationship with Your Provider

You and your vendors have shared goals. If they’re good businesses to work with, they’ll genuinely care about your success because it impacts theirs. For this reason, it’s important to develop a real relationship with your providers. Think of it more like a partnership than a transactional relationship. Not only will it improve your outcome, but they’ll be more apt to jump in when you have a question or urgent issue.

Keep Your Partners in the Loop

In order for relationships to flourish and for your vendors to truly understand your business and goals, you’ll need to stay in contact with them on a regular basis. Again, transactional messages should be avoided. Ask open-ended questions and request their insights, so you can tap into knowledge and solutions you might not otherwise receive.

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