How To Use Your Transferable Skills To Your Advantage

How to Use Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are essential for your prospects. These skills help you go to another employer with ease no matter the position or industry. Transferable skills are who you are in the workplace. These might involve:

· Communication

· Dependability

· Teamwork

· Organization

· Adaptability

· Leadership

· Technology Literacy

In resumes, recruiters will look at your skills and accomplishments to have an idea if you can do the job. The question is how do you explain your transferable skills? There ways to do this:

1) Cover Letter

While there is some debate if a cover letter is necessary today, a cover letter helps you go in-depth beyond the resume about what you learned and skills you develop in the jobs you were in. This is a perfect introduction to employers you are applying for and have a better sense who you are.

2) Interviews

Interviews works both ways. For the employer, they can see the candidate for the first time and see how they can conduct themselves in the workplace. For the candidate, they can see the workplace environment and ask questions about what they’re looking for. Interviews are a good way to feel out each other and see if the working relationship can work.

While we focus a lot on hard skills when recruiters look on resumes, it’s the soft, transferable skills that make a difference if you will be considered or not. You can check out the hottest transferable skills to see what you can work on and use it anywhere.

Tracy Tran is a Sourcer and Social Media Specialist for The HR SOURCE

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